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Chattanooga ColPacSpend any amount of time in a physical therapy or sports medicine clinic, and you are certain to see Chattanooga therapy products being used. Why? Because for over 6 decades, Chattanooga has made high quality, professional grade modalities and devices. Chattanooga hot and cold packs are known throughout the sports medicine world as being constructed of durable materials. Their Blue Vinyl line of ColPac ice packs are durable enough for every day use, and their high end Black Polyurethane ColPacs are made to last through years of repeated use. Every ice pack in the ColPac line is made of non-latex material.

Chattanooga ColPacs are filled with non-toxic gel that remains flexible when frozen. This means that every application of your Chattanooga ColPac will provide maximum coverage and consistent cooling power.

Chattanooga Theratherm hot pads are the industry leader in home hot pack therapy. They provide moist heat, the same type of heat used by the pros. Every Theratherm hot pack features adjustable temperature and timer settings for customizable hot pack therapy sessions.

Chattanooga also manufacturers professional grade physical therapy and athletic training modalities like electrical stimulation and ultrasound. Their product line is trusted throughout the medical community to provide years of everyday use, so you know that their Theratherm hot packs and ColPac ice packs are professional grade and built to last.

In 2007, Chattanooga was acquired by DJO Global, a worldwide leader in therapy equipment and supplies. DJO Global's mission is to help people live their lives to the fullest by providing professional grade medical devices and services.

When looking for high quality, professional ice or hot packs for home use, you want to use the products that the pros use. Chattanooga ice packs, hot packs, and related products are the world's best therapy tools for everyday home use to manage all of your acute and chronic conditions.