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Elite -Cold Ice WrapsSince 1986, Pro­Kold Ice Wraps (formerly Dura­Kold) has been a leading manufacturer of Elite- Kold ice packs. The company has over 25 years of doing one thing: making high quality, professional quality ice packs.

Elite­Kold ice packs and wraps are the number one choice of many sports medicine and physical therapy professionals. The reason: the dual ice pack design offers up to 2 hours of consistent cryotherapy with comfortable compression. This means that your pain and swelling from inflammation will be under control rapidly and safely.

Many sports medicine companies offer a full line of equipment and only offer ice packs and wraps as a minor afterthought. The Pro­Kold company only makes ice packs. That means that every Elite­Kold ice wrap is made by a company that specializes in cryotherapy products.

The complete line of Elite­Kold ice packs and wraps offers something for everyone. Seasoned athletes and weekend warriors use Elite­Kold to manage inflammation after athletic participation. Everyday people love Elite­Kold ice wraps to manage the pain and swelling that comes with arthritis. Plus, Pro­Kold is one of the few manufacturers of equine ice wraps for recreational and professional horse enthusiasts with their line of Elite­Kold EquineIce Wraps.

High quality ice wraps, laser­like focus on the cryotherapy industry, and over 25 years of experience make Elite­Kold Ice Wraps by Pro­Kold the number one choice of professional athletes, equine enthusiasts, and smart consumers using therapeutic cryotherapy.