Mueller Hot / Cold Therapy WrapsWhy is Mueller one of the most trusted names in sports medicine products? Why are Mueller products used by professional and amateur athletes, rehab specialists, and sports medicine professionals?

The answer is simple: Mueller Sports Medicine has been in the business a long time.

In 1961, a young man named Curt Mueller started developing sports medicine products in his dad's pharmacy. He combined his knowledge of sports medicine and pharmaceuticals to develop products to help athletes perform at the highest levels. From those humble beginnings, Mueller Sports Medicine was born.

Over 50 years of expertise and experience goes into every Mueller product. From specialized cooling sprays, to athletic support devices, to cryotherapy and heating products, Mueller provides the highest quality products on the market. That's why Mueller Sports Medicine is a household name today.

Sports medicine professionals agree that rapid access to ice after an injury is one of the best courses of treatment. With Mueller's cold therapy products on hand, you can be sure to always have immediate pain and swelling control. Their support braces and wraps are developed using specific understanding of the kinesiology and anatomy that makes competitive athletes unique.

Spend a few minutes watching your favorite professional athletes on television or stop by the high school football field on a Friday night, and you are likely to see Mueller products being used. Their cold packs have been a staple in the therapy bags of athletic trainers world wide for years. Mueller support braces are trusted by pro athletes and weekend warriors to get the job done, day in and day out.

With corporate headquarters located in America's heartland of Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, you know that Mueller is a trusted American company.

Years of knowledge, cutting edge technology, and a long history in the sports medicine business make Mueller Sports Medicine one of the most trusted names on the field and in the athletic training room.



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