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Active Wrap Hot / Cold Therapy WrapsSince 1997, ActiveWrap has been on the forefront of ice and heat pack technology.  The company, based in Irvine, CA, produces the highest quality and professional ice packs, hot packs, and compression wraps available.

ActiveWrap products have been developed by top physical therapy professionals who understand the specific needs of each and every patient.  Their ice wraps and hot packs are made with high quality materials and are guaranteed to last.

What makes ActiveWrap ice and hot packs so special?  The patented inner core of each ice and hot pack holds its shape.  Many gel and chemical ice and hot packs yield and displace under pressure, leaving you with a plastic cover over your skin and no therapeutic ice or heat.

With ActiveWrap ice and hot packs, the inner core stays in place and won't bulge to one side of the pack.  This means that your therapeutic ice or heat stays exactly where you put it.   Plus, the ice pack pouch can be positioned within the wrap wherever it is needed most.  That means that all ActiveWrap ice and hot wraps are fully customizable.

ActiveWrap ice and hot wraps also provide compression during use.  This helps to control circulation and speed your recovery process keeping you off the sidelines and in the game.  The compressive wraps allow for motion to occur, so you can comfortably wear your ActiveWrap while performing other activities around the house or at work.

Sports medicine professionals agree that the R.I.C.E. protocol of rest, ice, compression, and elevation is best after acute injury.  Switching to heat after the initial acute injury can help improve blood flow and restore mobility to injured tissues.  With ActiveWrap, the perfect combination of ice and compression followed by heat and mobility is yours.

The Active Wrap advantage is clear: consistent cooling with firm, comfortable compression and soothing heating with a wrap that allows for motion and mobility.  Buy ActiveWrap with confidence, as all of their products are made in America and carry a one year limited warranty.

For over 15 years, ActiveWrap has been an industry leader in professional grade ice and hot wraps.  It's your body...take care of it with ActiveWrap.