Pro Ice Cold Therapy Ice Wraps

Pro Ice Products

Pro Ice, an American company based in Baxter Springs, Kansas, has produced professional grade ice wraps that have performed flawlessly since 1991. Over the years, their line of therapeutic ice wraps has expanded to help professional athletes, weekend warriors, and non-athletes manage pain and inflammation with compressive ice therapy. The secret to Pro Ice therapy wraps: consistent temperature, compression, and convenience.

Pro Ice manufactures ice wraps that maintain a consistent temperature at 27 degrees F for up to one hour. This consistency is necessary to achieve proper cooling of inflamed tissues that occurs with minor sprains and strains, sports injuries, or chronic arthritis. The Pro Ice therapy wraps achieve this temperature consistency with a patented window pane type cryoblanket to help full surround your injury with therapeutic ice at a consistent temperature.

For over 20 years, Pro Ice has been helping people treat tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, and minor aches and pains with therapeutic cooling and pain relieving compression. Their customizable ice wraps are the perfect tool to help you decrease your pain and stay in the game.